Update with Luke 8/1/18

Update with Luke 8/1/18

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Coming off his best performance ever to secure the green jacket at The Masters 2017, Sergio Garcia has chosen to switch from Taylormade to Callaway golf clubs.

As part of the contract he will be required to use 14 Callaway clubs, Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls and have the Callaway logo displayed on both sides of his cap.

Taylormade recently parted company with Adidas and it has prompted Sergio to split with Taylormade as they could not come to an agreement with his contract.

Taylormade have launched the brand new M3 and M4 drivers, woods, Hybrids and irons. They all feature the first ever ‘twist face’ which moves away from the old conventional rounded club face. The logic behind the ‘twist face’ is that it will help to correct human tendencies and improve the miss-hits from shots hit either on the low heel or the high toe. This technology will give the players more forgiveness and allow players to hit longer, straighter shots due to the larger sweet spot. This combination of this technology and the ‘hammerhead’ face increases the ball speed and prevents any unwanted spin.  

The irons have a new technology of their own known as the RIBCOR. This is a new internal ribbing structure that allows the irons to deliver maximum energy to the ball during impact. These are located on the heel and toe of the irons and the technology is very similar to that of the hugely successful Epic range launched by Callaway in 2017. Adding the technology to the heel and the toe it allow the face to retain that flexibility and gives that trampoline effect at impact.  

This technology is completely different to anything we have ever seen in a golf club, it remains to be seen whether this ‘twist face’ technology will be implemented into every driver in the future.

The M3 and M4 retail at £450. If anyone would like to purchase one we can order them in and we will price match any reputable website.

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