Update with Johnny 31/7/17

Update with Johnny 31/7/17

How to hit out of rough

Hi guys, I hope everyone enjoyed Club Championships this weekend! I am gutted I couldn’t play! Well done to all winners in their categories.

With it being the middle of the summer and the rough being at its toughest I am going to give you a few tips to help get out of it!


  1. ADD Loft – A lot of the time golfers try and get greedy and advance a 5 iron out of thick rough. This makes it a lot more difficult! Use more loft (Sand wedge) and take your medicine.
  2. Get Steep – Play the ball slightly further back in your stance. This will help to get your golf swing slightly steeper, meaning you will not hit as much rough on your follow through and this will help maintain your club head speed!
  3. Aim Left – With getting slightly steeper, the ball tends to squirt out to the right, aim slightly left to allow for this.
  4. Don’t be afraid – Hit it hard, keep your head down and follow through.
  5. Don’t be greedy – The rough should be penalising, you have likely hit a bad shot to get in it! Take your medicine and try and get the ball back in play!


I hope this helps, any questions please email me on [email protected]


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