Update with Luke 31/7/17

Update with Luke 31/7/17

Unusual Golf Rules

There are very unusual rules in golf and some that you would never think exist.

Here are some of the most unusual ones I could find:

1) What if my ball lands next to a snake or swan?
If the Snake/Swan is dead then it is considered as loose impediment and can be moved to allow you to hit your ball. However, if it is alive then it is considered immovable and you will need to wait until they move out of the way to allow you to hit your shot or declare it unplayable and take a penalty drop.


2) What if the ball you hit lands under a parked car?

If the car can be moved then it must and the player must play from their however if the car cannot be moved then it should be treated as an immovable obstruction and the player is entitled to a free drop.


3) What if my club head comes off during my swing?

If the club head comes off in the downswing and you subsequently miss the ball then, unfortunately, it counts as a stroke. However, if the club head comes off during the backswing then it does not count as a stroke.


4) What if someone moves the flagstick away from the hole or forgets to put it back in?
In this Instance players must just accept the advantage or disadvantage and play the ball as it finishes, and therefore cannot replay the shot.


5) What if my ball ends up inside the clubhouse?

Well if the clubhouse is not marked out of bounds then doors and windows can be opened to allow you to play your next shot.

So watch out you could be watching the golf closer than you thought possible while eating your bacon bun in future.


6) What if my ball lands inside or behind a half eaten piece of fruit such as an apple?

Bizarrely, this is a rule. Unfortunately, if you are so unlucky for this to happen to you then you are not allowed to move the fruit without penalty. The player must either play the ball/fruit as it lies or you must a penalty of one stroke.

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