Update with Richard 19/09/16

Update with Richard 19/09/16

Hi All


Following a challenging day at Hunley yesterday, I feel it’s appropriate to offer an apology on behalf of the golf team for some mistakes that occurred in regards to changing of tee times & nearest the pin markers out on the wrong holes.  These were genuine mistakes made unintentionally and which we will do our best to prevent happening in the future.  Again, I’m truly sorry if any of this spoilt your enjoyment of your game in anyway.


Despite the above, what followed on Facebook yesterday afternoon & evening is frankly unacceptable.  Whilst I appreciate peoples’ frustrations, as a golf club we are a small community of people who are more than capable of interacting humanly to sort & solve problems together.  All feedback that came through the Pro Shop yesterday got to myself through Johnny & Luke and would be dealt with over the next few days meaning there is simply no need to rant & rave on a social media site, especially as it won’t give you any answers.  Constructive feedback & opinion are incredibly useful however endless ranting (especially from people not even playing on the day) just becomes negative, depressing and doesn’t help anyone.  This is what will happen going forwards:


  • ‘Ranters’ – will be deleted from the site with immediate effect.  They’ll be invited in to come in for a sit down & air any concerns they have.
  • If ‘ranting’ continues, the group will be changed so that only administrators can comment (Hunley staff) or worse still removed completely.


I’m sorry to have to write in such a negative manor however it’s now time to change the direction of the group and this can’t be done without your help.  Facebook works as a fantastic communication channel to push various types of information through and should be embraced by all that way. By all means arrange games on the page, discuss rules, ask questions etc but leave the ranting alone as this isn’t what it’s for.  In Alex and myself you have 2 full time members of staff who will happily help you directly with any issues you maybe having or feedback you may want to give – come in and see us, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.


Let me finish by saying the following:  Nowhere I’ve worked in the past runs so many events such as the shotgun starts, Cook Shields and swindles where people simply turn up, play together & get along.  It makes me incredibly proud to work here and I love telling other club members & industry professionals about Hunley as I know how envious it makes them feel.  Let’s not allow a Facebook Group to get in the way of this – long may the friendliness of Hunley continue.


Cheers Richard

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