Greenkeeping Update with Greg 19/09/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 19/09/16

Hi guys,

After some complaints over the weekend, I’d firstly like to apologise to anyone that felt the course hadn’t been set up to their liking and thought I’d use this weeks newsletter to answer some feedback and explain what work is carried out on a weekend and why.

  • Are the greens cut on a weekend?

Through the season, all greens are mown Saturday and Sunday. Only in exceptional circumstances would this not be the case, with the turf being under stress such as in drought conditions.
Regarding the weekend just gone, all greens were mown both days


  • Why are the holes not always moved on a weekend?

Holes are moved on all 29 holes once a week which is usually a Friday. As the greens are only small, there are a limited number of positions to place a hole and the old hole positions need a chance to recover before a new hole can be cut in a similar position. As long as the holes are in good condition, there is no real need for them to be moved and we feel resources are better allocated elsewhere.
However, we do move the hole positions for Club Championships but this is an exception, not the rule.


  • Are bunkers raked on a weekend?

All bunkers are fully raked on course of the day on both days and the spare 9 are checked and touched up.


  • What other work is carried out?

The driving range is kept tidy and balls are collected each morning, litter is collected from the course and car parks and machinery used is cleaned off and prepared for the next day. These tasks are completed every weekend, every day.

Other work depends on many factors and a plan for each weekend is set up during the week leading up to it. These tasks vary from hand watering, switching worms casts and debris, mowing aprons, spraying, moving tee markers, emptying bins, mowing long rough and more.

  • Why is more work carried out through the week than on a weekend?

The weekend is when the course is at its busiest. Therefore our work is centred on having the course at it’s best on the weekend by getting the majority of the work done prior to the weekend. This then allows us to put the finishing touches on Saturday and Sunday mornings before golf begins, to avoid us disrupting play.

I hope this helps to clear things up, but if anyone has any issues in the future please do send me an email at [email protected].

I appreciate some of you use social media, but it isn’t always picked up straight away and this leads to further frustration. Getting in direct contact is the best way and I am always happy to make time for anyone. We want to offer the best experience possible for you and your feedback is crucial in helping us to deliver that.

Remember to keep smiling, have a good week!


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