Update with Luke 30/5/17

Update with Luke 30/5/17

Ever wondered why there are so many golf grips around now?

Here’s a brief overview on the properties of some popular grips and how they benefit you:

Multi Compound or Similar Cord Grips: For golfers who play in wet or humid conditions (or who have sweaty hands) the cord grips give the extra bit of traction needed to prevent a player’s hands from slipping.

Rubber or Synthetic grips: These are extremely durable and have been created with vibration dampening to prevent you feeling the shock of a shot. They are also available in several different colours and size so they can be tailored to the player.

Thermo-Plastic Grips: These Grips can offer a soft, super Tacky feel and are also available in several bright and bold colours. For example: Lampkin I-Line – these tend to be cheaper grips.

Typical weather conditions are a big factor in choosing the correct grip. Grips that stay dry and tacky (Cord or Thermo-Plastic) in the rain are ideal and will stop any club from flying out of your hands. Smooth Grips can be a problem as they do not have great traction on rainy days.

(& given that we live on the North East Coast grips that do well in rain are a necessity!)

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