Update with Johnny 30/5/17

Update with Johnny 30/5/17

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great week on and off the Golf Course!



Today, I’m going to look at a very important part of the golf swing, the backswing. In particular the takeaway.

It’s important for you to understand how the takeaway and the back-swing are linked. The takeaway is either starts off a good swing or a bad swing. Golfers aren’t stupid, they know that an in to out swing path through impact is the most efficient. However, this is where many golfers become confused. To achieve this, they feel like this have to pull the club inside on their takeaway. What this causes though, is for you to re-direct the club on the way down and come over the top. By coming over the top this will cause a slice, which I know a lot of you suffer from! Ideally, I want you to develop a more neutral take away.


To help achieve this more neutral take-away, place a paper cup or something similar about 2 feet directly behind the ball. Now, practise hitting the ball by knocking the cup away on your backswing. If you have a severe in to out path or vice versa you may miss the cup to begin with. It may feel strange at the start but this drill will help with neutralising that vital take-away.

What’s great about this drill is that it gives you instant feedback on every swing as to where to club is going. Keep practising and if you have any questions please let me know!

Have a good week,


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