Update with Alex 19/09/16

Update with Alex 19/09/16

Brown Trophy Results


Congratulations to Dave Rhodes on winning the Brown Trophy this weekend! With a first round score of 43 points and a second round score of 40 he edged it from Gary Lambert who also had an overall of 83 points. Rhodes took the honours after a thrilling play-off.

After 2 days of brilliant golf and scores, we can all agree that he is a worthy champion.

Thank you all for participating and I hope to see you all at the club as soon as possible.


Winter League 2016/17

Please click the button below for information about the Winter League events that will be held on many Sundays throughout the months of October to March.


John Askew Memorial Trophy

John Askew memorial trophy this weekend – unfortunately there is limited space available for this competition which is due to be played this coming Sunday, the 25th September.  The competition was abandoned earlier in the month due to bad weather and the 25th was a free Sunday so it makes sense to use this date.  We have made the competition 4ball to maximise the number of spaces available so speed of play maybe slower than normal.

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