Greenkeeping Update With Greg 21/8/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 21/8/18

There is a real feel for change in the air, with the days shortening, dewey mornings and misty starts, autumn isn’t too far around the corner.  It’s business as usual on the course for us though, but we are beginning to prepare for the off season too.

Granular fertilizer is being applied this week to the greens on Morgan’s course, after we carried out the same task to the greens under the line last week. An organic feed containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphate will give the turf a boost and maintain health for the remainder of the the main playing season.

Spiking has been carried out too, with small 8 millimetre tines doing the job of keeping the surface open to increase air in the soil and also help water penetrate some areas that have dried down quite severely.

Elsewhere, winter Tees will be sprayed off and tidied up and in the next 2-3 weeks. We will also be moving the last 3 or 4 mats to more sensible locations, at which point we will remeasure all the courses from the winter mats to be used for competition play through the off season.

With the change in the weather the turf has greened up significantly and growth has increased now, so our main focus will need to be on mowing. Our priority will be on maintaining the playing surfaces to a high standard for the remaining weeks of a very busy season, however we will look to focus much more time into completing the construction of the new green complex on Rawcliffe in due course.

Any questions please get in touch otherwise enjoy the course!


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