Greenkeeping Update With Greg 14/8/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 14/8/18

The rough on the course at Hunley plays a huge part in both the visual aesthetics and play-ability of the course. Our management of the rough’s is very important as we aim to offer an attractive yet enjoyable course for everyone whilst aiming to achieve long term sustainability.

Sustainability is a fashionable term, but just to explain what it means to us to be sustainable, is to provide a place of recreation for people to enjoy not only now but for future generations also. Managing the course in the right way will ensure this happens and being sympathetic to the ecology and environment is hugely important, not only for the future of our club but also of the planet we live on.

Over the last few years we have adopted an approach that will give us the best of everything. This is:


  • Attractive longer grass providing definition
  • Thin wispy grass types where a ball can be found
  • Reduced maintenance of these areas which will allow focus to be placed on other parts of the course and also reducing the clubs carbon footprint
  • Increased biodiversity, not only with wildlife benefiting from the extra habitat but also with flora and fauna increasing in these areas too


An increasing number of golf clubs are beginning to adopt this approach having seen the benefits. The link below is to a short film, where courses in Scandinavia are beginning to manage roughs in the way that we are.

I’m sure you will all be starting to see the difference in our rough in comparison to previous years and this will continue to improve year on year.


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