Greenkeeping Update with Greg 16/10/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 16/10/2017

Last week the team completed work on the Morgans greens. Obviously they will need some time to recover and this will be dictated by the weather. The most important thing though at this time is that the work has been a success and going forwards the greens will continue to improve both botanically in terms of the grass species and also performance wise.
It will be necessary for us to keep these greens watered to encourage the new seedlings to emerge as soon as possible. Once through we shall be looking to nurture them so that they can become well established by the start of next years playing season.

This week we have begun work on Metcalfe’s Ace tees. As explained in the winter program we are shortening both the white and yellow tees, so that the hole plays as more of a par 3. I’m sure you’ll all agree that the length of the hole before was excessive, especially with it playing into the prevailing wind.
The new tees will play approximately 210 yards from the whites and 190 yards yellows which will still require a good hit, but should make a par a more realistic achievement.

Elsewhere we are still mowing as temperatures have yet to drop at all, with long rough the main focus for us over the coming weeks.

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