Update with Johnny 9/10/17

Update with Johnny 9/10/17

Strike it Like Stenson

As It Lies

Unsure how to play the ball when it’s above your feet?

Unsure how play the ball when it’s below your feet?

What happens to the ball when it’s above or below your feet?



  • Alignment –

When the ball is above / below your feet, knowing where to align your body is extremely important in being able to make the correct swing for what you want the ball to do.


  • Clubface –

Where the clubface should point at impact is the next thing to look at. Should it be straight at the target? Left? Right? I can help you with the correct swing to make this shot. Loft change will also affect what club to take, so it’s important you know¬† & understand the affect this has on the shot.


  • Posture –

As the ball position changes, so does our body position. Understanding how to get it right is greatly important to stop you from topping, thinning or even duffing the ball completely!


  • Personal plan –

If you’d like individual help, why not improve with the Strike it Like Stenson Package?


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