Update with Johnny 16/10/17

Update with Johnny 16/10/17

Strike it Like Stenson

I hit a great drive and waste it by hitting the greenside bunker!!

Sometimes I hit a 7 iron 100 yds & sometimes 150.. Why?

Par 3s are just a hit and hope to me… I want to find the flag!!

Is this you??

What I do…

  • All about the Strike –

No matter what the swing looks like, good iron players strike the ball well, consistently. I will show you the actions, you can repeat again and again, to get the ball fizzing off the clubface!!

  • Awkward Lies –

At some point, even on fairways, you will get uneven lies. This can make the ball do different things in the air. Learn some simple setup changes, to be sure they will not stop you from still hitting that green!!

  • Shape the ball

Some flags might seem that they are in unreachable positions, if you can move the ball both ways this can make them easier to get to, simple swing thoughts can make this happen.

  • Know your Distances –

How many times have you hit the ball “right at it” only for it to fall short or clear everything?.. I will measure your distances using our Skytrak system, so you know what to hit and when!!

If you’d like individual help, why not improve with the Strike it Like Stenson Package?


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