Greenkeeping Update with Greg 31/10/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 31/10/16

Last week saw the completion of the projects on Morgan’s Mound and Toon’s Tier, both of which have been a success.

The turf will now require some time to become established before it can be introduced back into play. Please make every effort to keep off the new turf and retrieve balls using the long rakes provided.

It is now time for us to begin roping areas of the course that are most susceptible to wear during the winter. Again, please do not cross any ropes with trolleys or buggies. We do like to avoid making blanket bans on the use of buggies and trolleys so it is really important that we protect the turf to prevent irreparable damage.

This week we will be carrying out smaller tasks around the course such as repairs to damaged or worn turf, filling in one or two more of the obsolete bunkers, clearing areas of cut back gorse from weeds, some mowing where required and maybe a light sand dressing on the greens.

A reminder again for the course walks being held in a few weeks time. They will be held on Friday 18th November at 3pm and on Saturday 19th November at 1pm. Please do join us for an opportunity to share your views, a chance to meet some of the greenkeepers and to hear the reasoning behind our work.

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