Update with Richard 31/10/16

Update with Richard 31/10/16

Annual Handicap Review

The annual review of Handicaps is changing to the calendar year and needs to be conducted prior to the 1st January, which in reality means it will be completed prior to Christmas.

One aspect of the review is to confirm or remove Competition Status (‘C’ Status ) depending whether you’ve played a minimum of 3 Qualifying Competitions. As of today two lists have been posted in the locker rooms adjacent to the Handicap lists. The first shows members who’ve lost ‘C’ Status and the second shows those that will lose ‘C’ Status at Annual Review unless they take action. The second list shows how many cards are already recorded against your name.

To regain or retain ‘C’ Status you must play a minimum of 3 eighteen hole Qualifying comps (only 1 more scheduled) or submit 3 x 18 hole supplementary cards or a combination of the two. Remember to sign in prior to completing a Supp. Score & they must be 7 days apart.

Losing Competition Status will affect your playing rights in most competitions and is of particular note to those in the Cook Shield – you cannot play without it.

If you need any advice or guidance please contact us.

Management Re-Structure

After 6 years as Hotel Manager, Karen Green has requested a job change to spend more time doing what she enjoys best…promoting Hunley in a Sales capacity.

As of 1st November, Karen will become our new Sales Manager and head up a new and improved Sales Department of three, to handle all inbound sales enquiries of hotel reservations, weddings, functions, golf breaks etc.

As Hotel Manager, Karen has overseen massive changes to Hunley over the years and done a great job taking the hotel to the fantastic level it is today. Her hard work in the role has been hugely appreciated and we wish her the best of luck in the new job.

Instead of recruiting another Hotel Manager, we’re going to take the opportunity to make a strategic change to more closely join Hotel and Golf, so the role of General Manager is going to be created to head up all departments.

“One Team, One Dream” is part of our Purpose and this change will help us achieve that. The recruitment of a GM starts immediately and please rest assured, the successful candidate will get ‘Hunley’ completely and buy into our philosophy, so these are very positive moves that should only improve the club.



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