Greenkeeping Update 14/1/2020

Greenkeeping Update 14/1/2020

After a decent dry spell, things became wet again over the weekend and into this week.

It’s hard when the course becomes so wet, areas of heavy traffic become muddy and everything becomes a bit of a struggle, wether you’re playing golf or the greenstaff are working.

However, we do have to remember it is winter and this is quite normal and it’s just a case of making the best of things.

On that front we have kept busy and are in full flow preparing for the season ahead. In the 7 years I’ve been at Hunley, this is the first time that we have been able to thoroughly prepare for the new season.

This is mostly becuase the larger, more essential projects have slowly been ticked off and we are now more into the finer tuning of the course.

Most equipment is now ready for summer use

Servicing of the machinery is now in full flow and the guys have also began renovating the course furniture.

Many of you will be pleased to see the rough collector all set 😃

150 posts have been cleaned up and painted and once ready will be repositioned on the course. We have decided that we will make all measurements to the centre of the greens to save confusion. Although many have bespoke measuring devices these days, the measured points on the course are still used by some and in the past many visitors have commented on the difficulty of knowing where marked points measure to.

With yardage on the cards to the green centre, but the fairway markers to the green front, you can see their point. This is why we have decided to make them all to the green centre.

Work on Wetlands/Redding’s Apron has been successful. Despite the course being still very wet, the area across Redding’s fairway is no longer standing water as the blockage has been freed and water is again running away nicely off the course. This is obviously good news and will allow for a quicker return to play for the back 9 of Morgan’s.

Any issues as always please do get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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