Greenkeeping update 21/1/2020

Greenkeeping update 21/1/2020

This week we have the annual turf managers conference at Harrogate known as BTME. This is packed with educational seminars, workshops as well as all the latest gadgets, machinery and products available for the management of turf.

All the team will be attending some of those seminars to game further insight into the job and to to increase their are technical knowledge.  It’s also so a good opportunity for us  to see what could be of use to us in the future.

Back at Hunley we are just continuing with the same bits and pieces from the last couple of weeks. Distance markers are being refreshed and moved so all are now measured in yards to the centre of each Green.

Other little tasks such as landscaping by why the left Greenside bunker on penningtons are being carried out. In this instance a barrier has been created in the undulations to prevent the flow no of water entering the bunker.

The banks of Brownies Bough yellow tee have been turfed and tree thinning will be carried out in the near future, to aid air movement and assist in drying the area out going forwards.

That’s it for this week but please get in touch with any queries or suggestions by emailing [email protected]

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    Colin Hart

    Why are the yellow stakes on Wetlands set in concrete, giving an immovable object. Sunday one player landed in the hazard and was impeded by the yellow stake, could have played from the hazard he could have moved the stake.

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