Rules Guy Update 14/1/20

Rules Guy Update 14/1/20

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Pace of Play is an issue which raises its ugly head from time to time and one of the issues that can impact on this is starting times. All of you who end up rushing to the tee should take note.

Rule 5.3 Starting and Ending a Round

The player must start at(and not before) his or her starting time:

  • This means that the player must be ready to play at the starting time allocated.
  • A starting time is exact

Penalty for Breach : Disqualification except

  • Player arrives no more than 5 minutes late – General Penalty.
  • Player Tees off no more than 5 minutes early – General Penalty.
  • Player delayed by Exceptional Circumstances – Committee Decision to waive penalty. 

Remember that It is common golfing etiquette to be in the vicinity of the first tee 10 minutes before your allotted time

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    Colin Hart

    Guess this is not a new rule, but people were allowed to play earlier than their tee time last year without penalty and take some of the winnings.
    Hope we are going to stick to the rule this season.

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