Update with Johnny 6/11/17

Update with Johnny 6/11/17

Hey everyone!

This week I’m going to help you improve your ball striking!

A key way to improve your ball striking is to maintain your spine angle through the Golf Swing.

Why? Firstly, it allows you to remain the same distance away from the ball. This helps with finding the middle of the club more consistently. Secondly, it creates the room necessary for your right elbow to move towards the target, in-front of your right hip without straightening. This will help you create more power to hit the ball further.

When you stand up in the downswing (you lose that lovely spine angle you have created with good posture). Standing up will also move you further away from the ball. This will force you to straighten the right elbow and wrist to reach it. Poor contact usually occurs at this point.

How can you fix this?

A simple drill I use called the chair drill. Place a chair behind you so at address your rear end is in contact with the chair. As you swing, ensure you are maintaining contact with the chair throughout (especially impact). This will help maintain your spine angle through the Golf Swing.

Good Luck & Have a good week!


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