Greenkeeping Update with Greg 6/11/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 6/11/2017

For most of last week we have been clearing out our workshop, servicing some of the machinery and preparing the equipment that will be required for the next few weeks as winter work gathers pace.

Work began on the teeing areas on Pennington’s and this will be continued this week. As previously mentioned, we are not only improving the tees but also rerouting the path and carrying out some soft landscaping to give a better first impression as you enter the course.

We also had our fence on the left of Snaith’s repaired last week and a couple of stiles installed.

As the fence has aged and people have climbed over to retrieve balls it has become damaged in places which has on occaaion led to cattle entering the course.

From now on if you need to cross the fence to retrieve a ball, do so at the stiles provided.

Nothing more from me for now, happy golfing this week and another update on work will follow this time next week.


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