Update with Johnny 4/12/17

Update with Johnny 4/12/17

Find it difficult to transfer the skills you have learnt in lessons/on the range to the Golf Course? 

Find Yourself making huge improvements in a 1 hour Golf Lesson & then go back to old habits once on the course?


You’re not alone! This could be for a number of reasons:


  1. The skill hasn’t been learnt fully yet. It takes time & practice to learn something new
  2. You no longer have a coach there ensuring you are doing what you have learnt
  3. You’re now on the Golf Course in a different environment, there are a lot more variables than the driving range


When you’re on the Golf Course you tend to revert back to old habits because they are comfortable… but comfortable isn’t always better. It’s important to spend time on the range to implement these changes and let it ingrain into your motor cortex. Golf is a motor skill, not an academic skill, but it’s much harder to transfer these skills onto the course.

That’s where I can help you!

Try and remember when you were a child learning a sport in school.. Your coach would teach you in your lessons  & then supervise, encourage you & guide you to improve in your matches/races/games etc as this way you would progress. 

Unfortunately, as we get older, we believe we can learn the game on our own & then wonder why we struggle to improve and revert back to old habits. (I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past!) I can however help you progress & give you the knowledge to enable you to improve practice sessions, develop a more repeatable Golf Swing and essentially help you shoot better scores when you play!

The Winter Warmer Lesson Packages I have put together will guide you from what you have learnt on the range, out onto the course, so the next time you’re out there on your own, you know exactly what you’re doing!

Please see details below. If you have any questions please email me on [email protected]

Have a good week & keep up the practicing! It will pay off!

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