Update with Johnny 30/10/17

Update with Johnny 30/10/17

Uphill Bunker Shots


Hi! Hope you’ve had a great week!

This week I’m going to discuss a slightly less common shot, the uphill bunker lie shot. You may not come to face this shot very often, but when you do it’s important to know the basics to avoid any big numbers on your scorecard.

This shot can work in your favour. The key is to create a forward swing momentum. In turn, this will help you maintain your balance as long as you keep moving forward during the down-swing.

You need to ensure that you aim slightly to the left of target and point your shoulders parallel to the sand. This will help prevent ‘digging’ the club into the sand which creates a loss in momentum.

Place the ball position in line with your left heel. I would suggest using one extra club for roughly every 5 degrees of upslope. This will prevent trying to hit the ball too hard.

Now make your normal swing, ensure that you accelerate through the ball and hold your finish.

I hope this helps you with your uphill bunker shots!

Have a great week!


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