Update with Johnny 29/1/18

Update with Johnny 29/1/18

Casting of the Golf Club

‘Casting the golf club’ – or ‘early release’ as it’s also known – is when you start the downswing with a premature release of the wrists.

Casting causes you to loose wrist angle on the downswing; in turn, the club head is delivered to the ball with a cupped left wrist. This adds loft to the clubface at impact and causes you to hit high, weak shots, that don’t go as far as they should.

Below are some simple drills to help cure casting the club.

Tee Drill

Stick a tee in the end of the club’s grip to help stop casting. Hold the club parallel to the ground so the tee points to the target. Then make short swings, trying to duplicate this position before you hit the ball. Learning to swing the club this way delays how soon your wrists straighten and helps stop you from casting.

Punch Drill

A similar drill is to hit short punch shots, but not uncock your wrists completely until after the ball is gone. As with the tee drill, the idea is to stop consciously straightening your wrists and casting the club.

The Noodle Drill

Try and hold the club as lightly as possible. With the noodle drill, you carry this thought to an extreme–keep your wrists so loose that they can only cock in response to swinging the club, not consciously cock or uncock. Swing the club back to waist height, with enough speed to cock your wrists–but don’t tighten them. Instead, leave them as loose as you can; swing your arms back down and let the momentum of the swing uncock your wrists and recock them when you finish at waist height. This drill will teach you to use your arms and body to swing the club, not your wrists.

Give them a go and improve your golf!

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