Greenkeeping Update with Greg 29/1/2018

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 29/1/2018

In between fighting the elements again last week we were able to visit the British International Golf Greenkeepers Association Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) at Harrogate.


BTME  features over 250 hours of education including the Turf Managers’ Conference, over 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and innovations plus unrivalled networking opportunities. Last year’s exhibition saw nearly 9,000 turf managers, golf club owners, managers and industry decision-makers pack into the Harrogate Convention Centre.


There was plenty for us to see and hear and also evidence that Hunley is slowly starting to grow in stature in the industry.



Firstly I was honoured to be asked to represent the R & A at one of their promotional seminars. I gave a 30 minute presentation, talking about my experiences within the industry, to help promote the Scholarship program that the R & A run for the benefit of the countries leading Greenkeepers.






Also on the British International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) ecology stand, a huge picture of Hunley was displayed to advertise the benefit of caring for the wildlife on the golf course. Such has been the success of increasing the wildlife at Hunley, BIGGA’s Chief Ecologist James Hutchinson had chosen our course as a prime example of how golf and nature can work together.


This was a delight to see and helps to reassure us that we are very much heading in the right direction with the golf course.


Back on the course, this week we are going to try to get work on the first tees on Pennington’s completed. We can only hope the weather is kind and if so we shouldn’t be far away from completion with a full week of our time on the area.

Mounding around the tees will be smoothed and turfed with wispy rough grass, a small sandstone wall will be installed purely for aesthetics at the back of the new yellow tee and then both teeing areas will be leveled and re-turfed.   


We hope you’ll like the work once completed and also share in our pride for the recognition Hunley has received at the recent BTME show at Harrogate.



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