Update with Johnny 23/4/18

Update with Johnny 23/4/18

How to hit your drives further…

Hello Members,

I hope you have been enjoying the Golf Course and the nice weather! This week I’m going to help you hit your drives further. If you follow the below points you should pick up a few yards off the tee!


  1. Wide Stance – This will allow you to create a powerful turn and maintain balance throughout the swing.
  2. Ball position forward – Get the ball placed inline with your left heel, this will help promote you hitting up on the ball to reduce spin on the ball.
  3. Tilt shoulders upwards – Again this will help you hit up on the ball to create distance.
  4. Hold your finish – Too many people are off balance when they hit their drivers as they try and hit too hard. Hold your finish for 2 seconds to promote a more fluent swing.


Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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