Greenkeeping Update With Greg 23/4/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 23/4/18

We’ve finally been able to spend some time returning some much needed definition to the course.

That said we’re still a long way off where we should be for late April.

So far we have:

– Cut the greens several times, rolled them as well on a couple of occasions and overall their condition is acceptable.

– Tees have been cut too with distance markers painted and all markers including whites now on the main tees.

– All fairways have been cut with our large rotary mower but are still very long. We will need to slowly bring the height down over the next couple of weeks such is the extent of growth.

– Aprons have been cut once, but require more regular cutting to refine their quality.

– Around half of the bunkers have been cleaned out, mown, weeded, new sand added and returned to play. As some have been badly damaged during recent flooding, it may take some time before all of the bunkers are back in play. Those that aren’t though are clearly marked GUR.

Important work still to start:

– Semi rough is now very long and is our priority this week. When we begin to cut the semi there will be a lot of loose grass lying so please bare with us while we get on top of growth.

– We haven’t begun flail mowing long rough yet either and this will also be a priority this week.

– It may seem crazy, but the drastic change in temperature last week has led to the greens beginning to dry out and moisture has actually dropped below 15% on some greens. Therefore we will need to commission the irrigation system, although there is rain in the forecast, we can’t take any chances. If the greens dry out further then this will risk the onset of fungal activity from fairy rings and potentially with Dollar Spot disease also.

That is where we are and we hope to make inroads into the above, then we can start to carry out other necessary tasks such as top dressing, applying wetting agent, fertilsing and spraying weeds.

Any questions please drop me a line at [email protected].


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