Update with Johnny 22/1/18

Update with Johnny 22/1/18

Looking to lower your scores & bring your handicap down?

These are the 5 main areas of your golf game you should look at improving to achieve this…


  • Learn to hit a draw with your driver – Most amateur golfers hit their driver with a fade/slice. This is what causes a lack of distance. Turning that slice into a draw will add yardage to your game.


  • Groove your hybrids – Probably the most versatile clubs in the bags, it’s important to hit these correctly. Most golfers have at least one hybrid and it can be used to get out of rough, hit that high flighted shot onto the green or can be used off the tee!


  • Distance control with wedges – Most of the time with a wedge, direction is pretty good. Focus on being able to repeat the same distances with your wedges. This will allow you to keep the ball pin high and start making some birdies!


  • Master one greenside shot – there are many ways to chip a golf ball close to the hole. Focus on one shot you can always rely on when you don’t have your ‘A’ Game.


  • Putting – Too many people try and focus on holing the midrange putts (15-20 feet). With practise, try and focus on your lag putting (25-30 feet) and 5 feet and in. This will help keep the 3 putts off the card!


Have a great week!



4 Man Texas Scramble

On Sunday 28th January there will be 4 Man Texas Scramble Event. Please select who you would like to play with and book online in any slot. It will be a 9am Shotgun and the draw will be done on Thursday for this. Hopefully see you then!

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