Greenkeeping Update with Greg 22/1/2018

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 22/1/2018

Some of the snow has gone over the weekend but with the vast majority of the course still covered, it is likely to be Tuesday before the snow has sufficiently receded for us to make an assessment of the course.

Once the snow has gone, the course is certain to be extremely wet therefore it is likely to be at least Wednesday/Thursday before we can realistically get the course reopened. The Pro shop will of course keep you updated daily and with a bit of luck we’ll have you back out playing soon.

Work on the course has been slow as you would expect, with most of our time being spent clearing snow and keeping the roads and car parks gritted.

When we have been on the course, we have been clearing more gorse and scrub land helping to regenerate improved habitat for wildlife and also the visual aesthetics of these areas.

This week sees the annual Greenkeeping show take place at Harrogate, with companies showing off the variety of new technologies available to the industry and with many educational seminars taking place, it’s an excellent event for Greenkeepers to develop their knowledge and skills.

All the team will get the chance to be there at some point and this year I shall be presenting at one of the seminars, representing the R & A. This will be my first time doing so and although apprehensive, I’m very much looking forward to it!

Here’s hoping for a change in our luck with the weather and for the chance to play some golf and to make more improvements to the course!



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