Update with Luke 5/6/17

Update with Luke 5/6/17

What does your old glove say about your game?

Footjoy estimated that 50% of all golfers are wearing a glove that doesn’t fit. To help solve this problem they have created a website that enables you to look at what your worn glove says about your game. Check it out at www.golfgloveguide.com

Look at your old glove to see where the glove has worn. It can tell you more than you think!

  • If the wear on the glove is in the palms, then you need to hold the club more in the fingers.
  • If the wear is in thumb, then you may be stretching your thumb too far down the grip of the club.
  • If the wear is in heel of the grip, then you may be adjusting your grip as you swing or you may be gripping the club too close to the end. Therefore, try holding the club an inch down the grip.

Footjoy believe that a glove should last between 15-20 rounds.

Footjoy say that if you use your glove to go to the range, play 18 holes + your practice swings, you will have played the equivalent of 3 rounds of golf. Therefore, you should be changing your glove more frequently than probably most of us currently do! Another way of preventing wear and tear of a golf glove is to buy 2 at once and alternate them each round. 

We currently have great deals on Stuburt all weather gloves at 2 for £12 or Callaway Weather Spann at 2 for £18!


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