Update with Luke 28/8/17

Update with Luke 28/8/17

Taking relief can often be a difficult rule and golfers often struggle with how or where to drop the ball.

 The diagram below illustrates the direction of the relief a player should take if they are taking relief from a G.I.R, road or path.

Objects defined as out of bounds posts cannot be moved in order to gain relief.  

The ball must be dropped with a straight arm out in front of you at shoulder height. However, this is due to change on January 1st 2019, players will be allowed to drop the ball from any height they choose.


If a player believes their ball to be unplayable then they can proceed with any of the following:

  • Play the ball from where your last shot was played
  • Drop a ball any distance behind the hazard or obstruction in a straight line with the hole. The hazard MUST be kept in line with the new position of the dropped ball and the hole. As seen in the diagram below:
  • They may take 2 club lengths relief no nearer the hole

A player can deem a ball unplayable at anytime during the round under a penalty of 1 shot.

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