Greenkeeping Update with Greg 28/8/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 28/8/2017

The course is now keeping consistently well and this is a testament to both the team of greenkeepers we now have and also the work put in over recent years. As time goes on the problems we face will slowly be eliminated and the course will only get better.

It was really nice to play in Magoo’s day on Saturday and we all very much enjoyed it. The day itself was a fantastic day and it was fabulous to see so many of you enjoying Hunley and everything that it has to offer. It was great for us to be part of it and also we all felt a real sense of pride that we could offer the course in condition that was fit for such a day.

Over the next few weeks we shall simply be trying to keep things ticking over, but it will soon be time for us to start thinking about winter work and making improvements to the course for the following season and years to come. When the work schedule is finalised there will be information on our plans sent out to you all via email.

This week we will be fertilising the greens with an organic granular feed. This will mean that the greens will be a little slower for a few days while we wash the fertiliser down into the soil.

Other work will be just on mowing and general course preparation. Hopefully we can keep you all happy and enjoying the course but please do get in touch with any queries should you wish to at [email protected]

Happy golfing!


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