Update with Luke 26/6/17

Update with Luke 26/6/17

Choosing the right Tee…

Choosing the right tee can be very difficult. Which tee height do you use for which club?

How can high and low tees impact your shots?

For most shots the top half of the ball should be above the club when you put the club behind the ball.

However, you could benefit from having a lower tee when hitting into the wind as this will help you to keep the ball lower and promote a draw shot. Teeing the ball up higher downwind can also allow you to get the ball to ride the wind and travel further.

Castle tees are a quick and easy way of getting the correct tee height for your clubs, they are easily spotted when hit and are very durable. Although, there is a reason why professional golfers use wooden tees (other than the fact they get them all free so when they break they have endless supplies to draw on.) Wooden tees leave a small mark on the club head so that the player knows where on the club they hit the ball. Wooden tees can also be pushed in the ground as far you like without having to swap to a different.one.


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