Update with Luke 24/7/17

Update with Luke 24/7/17

Golf Rules

There are many rules in golf and it’s sometimes difficult to know what to do for the best. Here are some of the basic rules which may help you when out on the course:

1. When on the putting green a player CAN remove some of the loose impediments on the line of your ball but you must use the back of your hand not the palm of your hand as this can be seen as testing the playing surface.
However, a player CAN use a towel to remove the loose impediments providing they DO NOT press anything down.

2. It is NOT in breach of the rules to ask a fellow competitor the length of the hole about to be played.

3. A player MUST NOT ground their club when in a bunker as this is seen as gaining an advantage.

4. Players MUST NOT stand on a branch to prevent it interfering with their swing as this is seen as “preparing their stance”

5. A player has a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes to search for their ball, they do not find it and start to walk back to the tee to play another ball. When walking back they find their ball, they CANNOT play the ball and must return to play the ball from where the original shot was taken.

6. During a round of stroke play, NO player is allowed to give advice or instruction to other players or face disqualification.

7. During a competition, if a player runs out of golf balls they CAN ask their fellow competitors to borrow one 

8. A player is NOT deemed to have moved the ball if they set the club down and the ball oscillates.

9. The ball is deemed IN the hazard if ANY part of it is touching the line of the hazard, therefore the normal hazard rules apply.

10. A player MUST NOT be seen to be building their stance. This involves things such as placing a towel under their knees when they playing a shot from a knelt position.

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