Update with Johnny 26/6/17

Update with Johnny 26/6/17


Getting Your Grip Pressure Right:

This week we are going to discuss grip pressure, why it’s important and how you can check yours.

Having a grip pressure too loose will cause the following problems:


  1. Clubface will be allowed to manipulate too much in the Golf Swing, producing shots that go left and right with little consistency.
  2. The club will slip up and down your hands during the swing producing inconsistent contact with the ball.


Having a grip pressure too tight will cause the following problems:


  1. The Golf Club won’t be able to ‘release’ in its designed manner which will reduce the amount of speed it can generate.
  2. The clubface will stay open at impact, causing some of the most common shots in golf. For example the shank and the slice.


To check your grip pressure, assume your normal grip, lift the club up so it is waist height. If the club doesn’t move, you are gripping the club too tightly. The club should be able to drop down at a slow gradual speed.

Any questions on how to perform this drill please email myself on [email protected]




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