Update with Johnny 19/6/17

Update with Johnny 19/6/17

Hi Everyone, great weather this week! No excuses not to be playing!



Set up Correctly with your driver:

This week we are going to look at how you set up correctly with your driver to optimise distance and consistency.

Set up: With your driver it’s very important to set up in such a way that you can hit up on the golf ball. Firstly, let’s look at ball position.

Ball Position: To hit up on the ball you will need the ball to be slightly further in your stance than normal. This will help you sweep the ball off the tee. To achieve this, place the ball in the middle of your stance, then simply leave the left foot where it is, and take a big step away with your right foot. Please look at below picture to see end result.


Now you have the ball in the correct position, you need to get your shoulders tilted at the correct angle to again, hit up on the ball. To achieve this, take your normal set-up with your driver. Take your right hand off the club, and gently tilt your shoulders until you can touch your right knee with your right hand. Keep this tilt in your shoulders, and resume your normal grip.



These two points should allow you to hit up on the ball, increasing distance of the tee.

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