Greenkeeping Update with Greg 19/6/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 19/6/2017

This week I’d like to start by thanking my team for their efforts. As always it is tough trying to produce the standards that everyone craves, but the way they have just rolled their sleeves up and got on with it has been very pleasing and they deserve credit for what they are achieving out on the course. Thanks are also due for Ray Harker, the Darcy’s and Sheila Wilkinson for their work on the flower beds in front of Morgan’s bar and by the putting green. These borders have never seen so much colour and I’m sure you’ll share my appreciation for their help in brightening up Hunley!

After recent rain fall, growth has been our main challenge and last week was a case of cut, cut and more cutting. As we have focused mainly on the course recently, a couple of other areas around the facility have suffered slightly with the driving range and hotel grounds become a little untidy. The week ahead will see us get back up to date with work in these areas. Watering will also be required this week as the temperatures soared over the weekend. The turf has held up well but will require some light irrigation to keep the grass alive on the greens.

We were able to make some good progress last week with treating Clover. Holes on Wetlands, Metcalfes, Morgans Mound, Jaws, Gray’s Tor, Guibel and Trillo’s Torment were all sprayed to remove the weed from the golfing rough. Unfortunately we have now had a breakdown with the sprayer, which has held this work up while we await parts arriving for it to be repaired. Hopefully we will be back at it again some time this week though.

Finally, I’m aware that some of you aren’t happy with the course at the moment. Please, please get in touch with me so you can share your concerns. We care deeply about all points of view and want to be able to offer a facility for everyone. To achieve that we need your help to identify where things can be improved and the best way to do that is to meet and talk about it.

Email me at [email protected] and we can arrange a time mutually beneficial to meet up at the club.

Many thanks for reading,


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