Rules Guy Update 21/1/20

Rules Guy Update 21/1/20

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Did you ever see the cartoon of the little boy on the toilet with the words “The Jobs not over until the Paperwork is done” well it’s the same with golf, many a good round and the occasional exceptional round has been ruined by a failure to complete the Paperwork correctly.

Rule 3.3b Scoring in Stroke Play

The Three absolute essentials on a scorecard are:

  • A gross score against each hole – this must be clearly legible.
  • Your Handicap in the correct box – this is not the allowance for a 9 Hole Comp or a 4BBB but your actual handicap.
  • Two signatures – yours and your markers.

Penalty for Breach : Disqualification

In addition the Club Terms of Competition require you to add the following:

  • Your Name
  • The Competition Name and Date
  • Stableford/Par Bogey Score

Penalty for Breach: Club Sanction (Warning and Bans)

Who will be the first in 2020 to get the DQ Rule 3.3b ?

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