Greenkeeping Update with Greg 30/5/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 30/5/2017

Having been away for my holidays last week, it’s very pleasing to come back to the course in such good condition. It’s a credit to Tom and the rest of the lads and demonstrates the ability of the team that we now have at Hunley.

Now that I’m back we are going to be focusing on the rough and the clover. Some areas are starting to thicken up as growth has increased and the clover is a real problem off the fairway.

Selective cutting and collecting will be undertaken followed by treatment with selective herbicide, will prevent both the rough and the clover from causing problems with locating golf balls.

As explained before though, this will only be in areas directly affecting play and areas much further off the fairway will not be treated in the same way.

The greens are in need of some work to bring them up to health, but this will be carried out next week.

Finally just to let you know of a date decided for the next course walk. We will host one on Tuesday 13th June where we will be looking at several areas of the course. This time though we shall be not only talking but also watching work in progress, which we hope you will find interesting.

That’s all for now,




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