Greenkeeping Update with Greg 11/9/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 11/9/2017

After a frustrating week last week with a problem trying to get the Wiedenmann rough collector working after an electrical fault, we hope that this week proves more fruitful.

Other than the golfing rough starting to thicken and needing another cut and collect, the course remains pretty much the same as in recent collect. Over the next week or two we’ll be treating Clover again in all areas but particularly in the roughs. We also began treating areas of Ryegrass with ‘Rescue’ last week in the collars around greens. We will be doing Tees and Aprons too and then areas of rough where there is a lot of Ryegrass affecting the quality of the rough. This really is our biggest challenge over the next year, to reduce coarse grasses and clover on the course. As we do so maintenance will become easier, but most importantly the course will become vastly improved in all departments.

Fine turf from tee to green along with fine wispy grasses in the rough are within our grasp and we hope to make our dream a reality in the very near future. Although these issues will never be extinguished completely, it will become manageable for us to maintain and also the presence of such issues to be more acceptable.

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