Greenkeeping Update with Greg 11/12/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 11/12/2017

With some decent dry weather last week we managed to complete a good improvement on Wetlands, with the green side bunkers being remodeled. The new revetted bunkers are certainly improving the look of the course and it seems the team are able to do a better job with every project that is completed.

It looks unlikely that any further work of this nature will be carried out this week though, so we are going to be continuing with work on clearing scrub and woodland in a few areas around the course. It’s a good task for us to fall back on, as it can be carried out no matter what the weather is doing and although it doesn’t have the immediate impact on play as other winter projects do, it is still important that we manage these more out of play areas.

Such work is vital if we are to continue to improve the biodiversity of the wildlife on the course. Areas of unmanaged scrub and woodland have become not only unkempt, but also offer little to the ecology of the site. Every area that we improve will result in further habitat for a variety of species, which not only enhances the local environment but also the enjoyment of being on the course as well, as who doesn’t enjoy seeing a kestrel hovering above the rough, or a Deer seeking cover while passing through?

Whilst on the subject, if anyone has a particular interest in helping improve the environment at Hunley, then there are always further things that can be done. Making bird boxes or homes for hedgehogs are easy to do and would be of great benefit so please get in touch if this is something you’d like to be involved with.

We hope that the snow disappears quickly and we see you all out on the course again soon.





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