Greenkeeping Update 8/10/2019

Greenkeeping Update 8/10/2019

Some substantial rainfall in recent days has been disruptive to course setup and condition. This has forced us to bring some restrictions into place.

Buggies have been off on some of the days and is likely to be the case on and off now for the forseeable future as it becomes unsafe to negotiate the course.

Tees are moving onto the winter mats and may well be on all of them by the coming weekend.

Preferred lies are now in operation and roping around greens is beginning to be introduced to protect losing grass coverage immediatley next to the greens.

Long rough cutting has now had to stop, so we have moved into the winter program of work. Rough cutting may still be carried out through the winter if conditions allow it.

This week we are installing automatic irrigation on Toon’s Tier green and the new green on Rawcliffe. This involves trenching in new pipework, fitting new sprinklers, installing valves and electric cable and reconfiguring the automatic computerised controller.

Although this won’t be easy, we hope to complete the work this week without any disruption to golf other than changes to the course of the day.

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