Greenkeeping Update 15/10/2019

Greenkeeping Update 15/10/2019

Last week went reasonably well despite further rain. The course is beginning to get a little wet under foot, however with a few dry days, conditions should quickly become pretty good again.

Work centred on installing irrigation to both Toon’s Tier and the New green on Rawcliffe. Although we had some issues with the trencher that was hired in, setting us back a day or 2, the majority of the installation has been completed.

A small section of pipe still needs to be dug in to connect the new greens valve to the main line, boxes need to be installed for the valves on both greens and electrics still need to be connected up and configured. This shouldn’t cause us too many issues and will be completed gradually over the next week or so whilst we carry on with other tasks.

Tees are now on all of the winter mats and we expect this to remian the case for the next few months.

With this being the case we are aiming to aerate the summer tees with deep tines, over seed and top dress areas heavily damaged from divots. The tees will then have plenty of time to recover for the start of the 2020 season.

That’s all for this week but please get in touch with any feedback regarding the golf course by emailing [email protected]



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