Greenkeeping Update with Greg 31/1/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 31/1/17

Last week we built the bunker on Toon’s Tier finishing work undertaken to that hole this winter. It is likely to be brought into play sometime in March, although the new turf won’t be cut out as green until later in the summer. This is to give the turf chance to establish and put down roots without being under as much stress.

More gorse has been cut back, this time between Rawcliffe and Guibel. There is going to be more work carried out on the gorse in the coming weeks as we look to improve our stands of gorse.

This week we are having testing carried out on the greens, with Agronomist Adam Newton from the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute) visiting us. It’s an important part of our annual program as we can identify any issues that may be discovered during the testing, but it also allows us to benchmark year on year. Thatch content, water infiltration rates, soil ph, soil fertility and firmness are the areas looked at and results will be returned within a week or two.

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