Greenkeeping Update with Greg 03/10/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 03/10/16

Hi guys,


After returning to work this morning after a weeks holiday, the condition of the course is excellent and the team deserve great credit for their efforts.

Most of the long rough has now been cut and collected, the cuttings will now be left to break down over winter and used as compost in the future or removed by the local farmer. Work completed with the graminicide ‘Rescue’ last month has been extremely successful, with green approaches and collars, selected fairways and large areas of rough treated. Greens were top dressed last week too and the condition of them going into winter is very pleasing indeed.

This week will be more of the same but we shall begin making preparations for our winter program of work as well. Details of the program will be sent out this week but will center around further bunker improvements, Toon’s green is to be modified and there will be work carried out to improve the ecology of the site.

Enjoy Your Week!


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