Greenkeeping Update 29/10/2019

Greenkeeping Update 29/10/2019

Rather typically the weather spoilt the weekends golf again after a dry week. However, during the winter we have to accept this as a part of living in the UK. We simply have to take what we get and cope the best we can.

With drier weather last week we managed to make a start on Snaith’s green surrounds. The back left bunker has been revetted and contouring around it improved to allow close mowing.
As our digger is currently in for repairs, we may be held up from continuing on Snaith’s this week, so with that the case work has begun on Cook’s Endeavour with Dogwood on the pond edge being removed. View from the tee is obscured from the bushes and their removal should help significantly.
Greens are in good condition still, although the wet weather has seen feathery moss begin to show on parts of the greens. Iron will be applied to knock it back and we will also begin rolling the greens more often as this further deters the development and spread of the moss.

While the wet weather is with us we have started to rectify a couple of areas that are slow to drain after flooding occurs. The side of the green on Warsett and Guibel both puddle up after intense rainfall and without any drainage struggle to dry up again afterwards.

On Warsett it would have required a long run of drain pipe installing to get the water away, so instead we have raised the ground up with sand to push the water away. The area that drains slowly is now higher so water will move onto the green which has excellent drainage capabilities. This work has carried on around the entire right side of the green, smoothing out the ground which will allow for close mowing in the future, raising turf quality.

On Guibel though, a drain is needed and is being dug across the approach to take care of 3 low lying areas that are prone to flooding. This will also give us the option of connecting into the new drain in the future to take care of surrounding areas that may require it.

It’s a challenging and busy time for the Greenstaff, but we do all enjoy being able to keep improving the course for your enjoyment, so please do let us know what you think. My email is below.



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