Greenkeeping Update with Greg 28/11/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 28/11/16

The beginning of last week saw some pretty horrendous weather leading to the course closing for a day. This brought about some restrictions, particularly regarding buggies. A few people have asked me since then about the use of buggies on the course, so I will try to briefly some up our procedures regarding buggies.


  • We NEVER ban buggies from use on the golf course simply to protect the course.
  • Buggies are NOT permitted on the course when there is a RISK to the health and well-being of its users.
  • There is of course always an element of risk when using a buggy, but in the winter months that risk increases dramatically. This can be because the course has become very wet or when the course becomes frozen.

This explains in simple terms how the decision regarding buggies is made. We do have an extensive buggy policy at Hunley and anyone wishing to see the policy should ask either myself or Richard Weeks if they wish to have access to a copy.

With this in mind, there are a couple more points I’d like to make –


  • With many steep slopes, ditches, ponds etc on the golf course, we can’t afford to take unnecessary risks.
  • Please respect the decision once it has been made, as much deliberation goes into making this decision on a daily basis.
  • Please do not put staff under pressure. We don’t WANT to restrict use of buggies on the golf course, but we have a duty of care to which we are ultimately responsible.


Many thanks for your cooperation and please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Over the last week work has continued on bunkers. Good progress has been made as we look to have all the bunkers basic construction improved to offer consistent playing characteristics across the course.

Now the majority that needed full reconstruction have been completed and the ones selected for removal have been filled in, we are now clearing the bases of the bunkers to provide better drainage qualities and minimise wash out after heavy rain. Bunkers on Pennington’s and Fox Covert are being worked on this week. All bunkers under going work have been placed GUR and relief should be taken under rule 25-1.

Enjoy the week



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