Greenkeeping Update with Greg 27/3/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 27/3/17

What a beautiful weekends weather we had and overall the course has been in good condition.

All bunkers are now back in play as are all other areas of the course that have been worked on through the winter.

This week we should be able to get all the fairways cut down to summer height, which will certainly improve the lie of the ball.

We are continuing to cut down long rough on the course and once we have completed all areas, we will be allowing the grass to grow long and produce the definition that we are looking for going forwards.

Greens are not presenting too badly and our aim this week is to get them all top dressed with sand. This will smooth out uneven areas caused by pitch marks, wear and other damage incurred during the winter.

On that note, a couple of the worst effected greens are being over seeded. Trillo’s Torment has been hollow cored first, as this allows more seed to be incorporated into the turf canopy. All other greens should be up to scratch within a couple of weeks but Trillo’s may take a little while longer to become as smooth.

As usual, please feel free to give feedback about anything course related.

Have a good week.


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