Greenkeeping Update with Greg 27/2/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 27/2/17

Some good dry days allowed us to begin cutting some of the long rough areas with the Wiedenmann last week and this has given us a good head start before the growing season really begins. We have had a fair bit of rain since then but as soon as conditions allow we will continue to clean up the roughs.

Greens, aprons and tees were also tidied up and we treated the greens and aprons with a product know as ‘Greenlawnger’.

This product coats the leaf blade with a green pigment, which lasts for around 6 weeks. The darker colour acts as a ‘jacket’ for the grass and increases its ability to absorb sunlight. This will increase soil temperatures and help photosynthesis, both encouraging more growth as spring time has been typically much colder in recent years.

This week we will be doing a bit more work on the bunkers, as the course isn’t as dry to continue with rough management. The bunker in front of Huntcliffe green is going to be altered slightly, as since construction we have found the base has become slightly bowled. We shall take out the sand and level the base to help keep sand levels correct throughout the bunker and improve playability. Depending on how this works out, it may be that building a turf wall will be the best way to achieve success, in the same way as others have been constructed recently.

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