Greenkeeping Update with Tom 20/2/17

Greenkeeping Update with Tom 20/2/17

Last week saw another bunker project completed with Guible greenside bunkers having alterations. The two bunkers were changed to one, with open ground now created where the left bunker was. The new bunker fits in with the rough style bunkering that we are employing in our new design work and the open ground fits in with the running game philosophy we try to promote. In time this area will become approach turf and allow golfers of all abilities to fire straight at the green and not just high ball hitters who can carry it all the way. Straight shots should be rewarded.

It is foolish to make any predictions about spring, but soil temperatures and daylight hours have increased in the last two weeks and there is some response from the turf. Some basic mowing has been started to smarten the course up and maintain some degree of turf quality.

We will also be starting a nutrition program to sustain the grass plant against the shock of early season cutting and allow us to improve the sward to prepare for the season ahead where we aim for improved performance from the greens compared to the past.

The roping off of areas and use of winter mats has helped us fight off most of the winter mud and thank you for adhering to these directions for the benefit of your course.

Enjoy your golf

Tom Coulson

Deputy Course Manager

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