Greenkeeping Update with Greg 21/11/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 21/11/16

Firstly, thanks to those of you that took the time to come on the course walks at the end of last week. Despite the cold I think we all had a good experience and there were many good suggestions made. We will host another walk sometime in the New Year.

Last week we carried out some work on Short’s Elbow. This involved some alterations to the bunkers and the fairway on the right-hand side of the hole.

The first 2 fairway bunkers have been removed to allow the fairway to come across more to the right with the 3rd fairway bunker being reshaped.

This is now more visible from the tee and will take on a new look, similar to the bunker on Metcalfe’s Ace, by being surrounded by wispy fescue grasses.

Work on the bunkers over the last few years has focused on playing improvement, but equally important is the impact they have on strategy and aesthetics. The points below explain how bunkers are changing at Hunley.


  • The fairway bunkers to some extent, frame the holes and the intention is to compliment them by allowing long, wispy grass to grow on the periphery of the bunker. However, on the fairway side they will be mown close, to allow balls to run into them.
  • The picture below gives an example of the style that I refer to. This fits in with the style of course at Hunley and also with our aim to make the course fit more harmoniously in with nature.
  • Green side bunkers will remain more manicured and will compliment the green surrounds, where all grass is kept short and well maintained.

Work continues in this area and will do so throughout the winter. Come the start of next season we hope to have the vast majority of the bunkers completed and with new sand added.

Next season should see a significant improvement in their day to day condition too, as we look to step up our level of maintenance.

As always feel free to get in touch with any questions and any of you that missed the course walks, I’d be happy to make time to answer any questions that you may have.




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